Yuba Goldfields 200 Yr

The Yuba Goldfields 200-Yr Levee Project is a new 2.5 mile long levee which will tie into the previously improved Upper Yuba River Levee and is designed to prevent water from the Goldfields from inundating the communities of Linda, Olivehurst, Arboga and Plumas Lake and to comply with both  State requirements for 200-Yr Urban Levee Design Criteria (ULDC)  and CA Water Code Title 23 for urban levee flood protection. Construction began on this new levee project in May of 2020 and is projected to be fully completed by Spring 2021.  See below for the latest drone footage of the construction site. 

The new levee will begin at the recently completed Upper Yuba River Levee Improvement Project and extend southwest to Hammonton-Smartville Road. The levee will then continue along the north side of Hammonton-Smartville Road, teminating approximately .5 mile southwest of Hammonton Road. In addition to the levee, other features will include, seepage cutoff walls, waterside drainage features, two access roads, several ramps and acquisition of land for Operations and Maintenance corridors.

The majority of the project funding at 85% is being paid for by the Department of Water Resources using State bond funds from the Urban Flood Risk Reduction Program. The remaining local share comes from a combination of funding from local developers and proceeds of a joint Yuba County and Yuba Water Agency bond sale.

Due to the 2019 accreditation from FEMA for TRLIA- improved levees, the communities of Linda, Olivehurst, Arboga and Plumas Lake remain in a FEMA low-to-moderate risk zone through 2034 maintaining  their eligibilty for low-cost flood insurance and free of any building restrictions.