Yuba Goldfields 100 Yr

Gold 100
Yuba Goldfields 100-Year Interim Project – Phase 4 (2016-2017)

 The Yuba Goldfields area encompasses approximately 7,000 acres and is located approximately 10 miles northeast of Marysville along the Yuba River.

Since the early 1900’s this area has served as the “High Ground Terminus” of the State Plan of Flood Control’s levee system. However, in March 2010, the USACE determined that a large flood could break through the Goldfields and flood South Yuba County.
This finding prompted TRLIA to expand its original work project and extend the existing levee system to prevent the Yuba River from flowing through the Goldfields and outflanking the Yuba River levee.

 The Goldfields Interim 100-Year Flood Protection Project completed in 2016,  including a modification  of Crossing 21 completed in January 2017, reduced the risk of flooding from a 100-year flood through the Goldfields and maintains the current FEMA mapping of the RD 784 Urban Area. A drone video of the Crossing 21 work as it was being done is below: 

 The new Yuba Goldfields 200-Yr Levee Project meets the Senate Bill 5 requirements for Urban Levee Design Criteria (ULDC) 200-year design and is currently under construction for the 2020 season.