Feather River

project completion FRLS
The Feather River Levee Improvements were completed in 2009. The Feather River Setback levee project received an award for 2009 Project of the Year from the American Society of Engineers.

The bulk of the project’s $200.5 million cost, or $154.8 million,was paid for by the State Department of Water Resources. Yuba County, Yuba County Water Agency, Reclamation District 784 and one local landowner partnered to provide $53.3 million in local funding.

Levee improvements are broken into three segments [map] :

  • Segment 1: Bear River to approximately Star Bend
  • Segment 2: Setback levee between Star Bend and approximately Shanghai Bend
  • Segment 3: Approximately Shanghai Bend to Yuba River (Hwy 70)

The Feather River Levee Improvements are projects of the Three Rivers Levee Improvement Authority [Who We Are].

Feather River